What is Bezonia?

Bezonia is a powerful, scalable and modular platform that can integrate and regroup, within an easy-to-use operating system, various components and technologies, regardless of their brand, functionalities and communication protocols.

Bezonia can interconnect and pilot music, videos, projectors, access control, televisions, camera’s, electrical and pneumatic devices,…

Basically, anything can be hooked to our Bezonia solution and be piloted at the fingertips, replacing multiple switches, applications and remote controls by a unique user interface that can be installed on computers, tablets or smartphones.

Protocols interconnection

Whatever language an existing automation system is talking with, we have translators so we can talk to the brands protocols.



Key Features

  • Unique platform centralizing and combining all automation services and techniques
  • Modular solution that can evolve with time and needs
  • Total Independence to brands, protocols and technologies, also retro-compatible
  • Central Secured Cloud Configuration based on pull updates
  • Multi-User Interface with real time sync and dual binding communication


Security is key in automation and Bezonia therefore developed specific solutions to protect sensitive installations.

Each Bezonia server is located in the secured customer environment, behind fire walls. Thanks to our Central Secured Cloud Configuration based on pull updates, configurations or changes to the client configuration can easily be prepared by our partners in our central server and pulled upon customer's request.

Approved third parties

Several third parties have already been approved and integrated into Bezonia. The list keeps growing every day upon need or request.

Please get in touch with us to inquire about currently approved third parties or to have your product Bezonia Approved.  


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