Bezonia Electricity & Light

Electricity and illumination solution

Bezonia Electricity and Illumination is a fantastic bandmaster for all your lighting and electricity automation needs. Switching on/off or dimming any of your lights can be done at fingertips while the calendar enables you to automatically start devices, switch on/off lamps, open/close doors at defined moments or during certain periods.

Bezonia Audio

Ultimate audio matrix and player

Bezonia Audio is a strong application enabling seamless music playing or streaming.

It can easily mix sources, integrate sound effects and manage multi zones environments, each zone being independent in input source and output level, enabling you to create different atmospheres out from a single platform.

The audio calendar offers you advanced functionalities such as the diffusion of specific jingles/ads at precise timeframes or the change in music style based on a specific agenda.

The pre-listening functionality enables you to easily supervise the various zones from any user interface.

Bezonia Video

Advanced video display control

Bezonia Video is a perfect solution to interconnect televisions, projectors and media players. It allows you to easily switch on/off devices, change the input, play/pause videos or display the logs of your different devices for maintenance purposes.    

Bezonia Temperature

Measure and control temperatures

Bezonia Temperature is the ultimate companion for temperature control. Your building is divided into zones and for each of those, you can instantly read and adapt the temperature. Thanks to the Temperature calendar, you can program the temperature at precise timeframes, give a heating boost every x minutes or set the temperature at a defined level based on a specific event like a delivery.  

Bezonia Signage

Multizone signage

Bezonia Signage is an easy-to-use and efficient way to rethink signage within your building.

Output can be static but also dynamic based on an automatic calendar input, making your daily tasks way lighter.

Bezonia Kiosk

Interactive touch screens for visitors

Bezonia Kiosk’s possibilities are infinite. When it can be used as a active monitor to display brochures, price lists or videos, it can also be used as an interactive terminal for visitors. By touching the monitor, they could ask for more details which would result in a discrete jingle mixed in the building music, alerting the team that someone is looking for help.

Bezonia Stats & Reporting

Get statistics and reports from your devices

Bezonia Statistics and Reporting enables you to collect data from all your devices, get statistics and generate reports on what really matters for you.

Bezonia Sequencer

One command, multiple actions in sequence

The Bezonia Sequencer allows a single command to launch multiple synchronised actions.

Actions can be of any kind, door opening, light activation, music streaming, video launch,...Cherry on the cake, those actions can be programmed in time so either they are started a different timeframes or perfectly syncronised.    

Bezonia Advanced UI

Advanced User Interface

The Bezonia Advanced User Interface was developed to simplify your life and ensure you take full benefit of your automation solution. When the dual-binding communication enables you to always know the status of each service/device, the real time sync between user interfaces ensures any action is instantly synced between all interfaces.


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