26/05/2017 11:09

Museum Naturalium in Besançon uses Bezonia for an interactive experience on biodiversity preservation

A great collaboration between Kascen, Wtec, BizmoticaVelbus and several other partners has brought Naturalium to life at La Citadelle de Besançon, a wonderful museum dedicated to biodiversity preservation.

As described by Yves Amand from Kascen in the below video, this interactive museum is entirely automated by a centralized management system.

Aside its unique extended automation capabilities, Bezonia allows the various tablets and media players to be supervised in their usage, ultimate goal being to remotely optimize, based on the statistics it provides, the various games, movies and applications made available to visitors.
The Bezonia platform was used to integrate all needed technologies and make those fully interactive with each other while allowing remote access and remote content management.

Naturalium Museum Grand Opening

28/09/2016 10:36

Dreaming of a smart building? Don't be fooled...

Originally introduced in the early 90’s for professional purposes, building automation has since then become pretty common in the residential market as well. Surveys have recently shown that several factors, connected devices being one of those, will seriously boost this promising market over the next couple of years, making automation a discussion point for any future building project on a very short term.

Unfortunately, most people spending money in automation have a biased vision of what it really offers, disappointment and frustrations being often right around the corner after installation. People indeed usually believe that automation, often presented and sold this way, will make their building “smarter” when in the real world, it simply changes the way some processes are managed. Worse, in some cases, instead of improving processes, additional layers are created and people are getting mad because of the multiple control panels and/or applications they need to use to control their building.

Basically, having separate automation systems is as smart as hiring 5 employees and lock them in 5 rooms without any communication tool between them. Regardless of their individual competences, without communication and strong teamwork, those guys will never be able to conduct any constructive task for your company. The same principle applies to automation.

The only way to make your building smart, or smarter, is to choose the automation solutions addressing your needs, like hiring top employees, and ensure those are interconnected and working together, as a team of 5 employees under the lead of a supervisor which, in automation, is a unified process called “Total Integration”. Rocket science? Not really…

Nowadays, like in any booming business, brands and providers of any kind tend to surf on the “automation wave”, promising the moon at attractive prices but don’t be fooled, building automation can have multiple meanings and it is up to you to define what you really desire and want to achieve.
If your aim is to simplify your life by making your building smarter or more efficient, two factors should be taken into consideration, the products you are going to choose and who you will be partnering with to create the Total Integration you are dreaming about.

Regarding the products, you should first clearly define your need(s) which is, believe it or not, more difficult than one can imagine. Think out of the box, throw away your limiting thinking patterns when considering automation. Go all the way in your idea.
Once your needs are defined, one of the most important qualities any product needs to have is an open protocol. Open protocols enable you to buy the most appropriate products in each technique, depending on your budget and/or demanding needs, and mix everything to obtain the best total solution. Also, in case of company bankruptcy or product discontinuation after a strategy change, should you need to replace a defective product by another one, it will be a no brainer to repair, replace or even upgrade your hardware by choosing, again, the best component in due time.

Once you have chosen your products, always ensure the partner you are about to sign a contract with is capable of properly integrating all of those within a seamless Total Solution. Usually, such a seamless Total Solution imposes a supervising tool that can interconnect all open protocols and manage the various installed technologies out from a unique user interface - a kind of bandmaster that transforms the sounds from various instruments into wonderful melodies, accepting new instruments over time upon need.
When partnering with an integrator will enable you to take full advantage of your investment, it will also secure you that you are dealing with a professional, capable of servicing your installation and upgrade it over time.

Integration solutions do exist in various forms and budgets, some presenting serious technical limitations in one field or the other. Depending on the project you are dealing with, it would be extremely wise to ensure the solution you are about to sign for can address all your current needs, but also the ones you might have in the future, without any limitation.
Aside common techniques such as electricity, lighting, heating and shades, keep in mind others such as audio/video, electrical appliances, car charging stations or even digital signage should also be integrable to obtain a smart building; a wide open and scalable solution is therefore a must, knowing for sure that nobody can say today what tomorrow will bring us.

Sales speeches being what they are, it is rational not to blindly trust brochures and salesmen. Ask for live demo’s or better, talk to users, they are definitely the best persons to explain you the limitations of what they have invested in and how serious the partner you are about to hire really is.
Efficient solutions might of course seem expensive but if you think twice, paying for something that does not really address your needs, regardless of the price, is already way too expensive. Worse, if what you are buying today cannot be upgraded at a later stage, imagine what it will cost you to start again from scratch tomorrow…

02/06/2016 13:16

Bizmotica and Wtec starting the integration works at Living Tomorrow

Bizmotica and its partner Wtec are excited to announce they did start a thrilling project this morning, integrate technologies used at Living Tomorrow within BezoniaThe Automation Integrator.

A Bezonia platform, running on a powerful server, was thus installed this morning and integration works can now begin.

Several rooms will, on a short-term, be entirely supervised and piloted by/from Bezonia with several aims, lift the existing barriers between the various automation systems, brands and technologies, transcend products capabilities by making those interactive with each other, ease the overall building management and ultimately, create even more unique user experiences for visitors.

01/03/2016 13:30

Wtec, Bizmotica Belgium and Maes Industriele Verlichting to partner on the Cromax European Training Center renovation

The Cromax® Training Centre (CTC) in Mechelen, Belgium, got recently renovated and a successful partnership between Wtec, Bizmotica and Maes Industriele Verlichting enabled the center to now offer a new unique and modern venue equipped with the most recent lighting and audio/video equipment.

When Maes delivered a complete lighting solution aimed to make the spaces as pleasant and luminous as possible, Wtec integrated this solution together with a complete AV installation for the meeting rooms and cafeteria using Bezonia, Bizmotica’s advanced automation integration solution.

Thanks to this extreme automation solution, meeting rooms have become easier to manage and use, enabling managers and trainers to focus their attention on the most important, the visitor’s well-being and trainings quality.   

30/01/2016 12:41

Bizmotica entering into a partnership agreement with Living Tomorrow

We are particularly proud to announce that Bizmotica yesterday entered into a partnership agreement with Living Tomorrow.

Under this agreement, Bizmotica and Living Tomorrow will share expertise on extreme automation and work together on sensibilizing the public on the future of health, retail, horeca and smart cities.
Bezonia, Bizmotica's powerful automation integration platform, will be installed and used in Living Tomorrow as a live lab to experience the present and future of extreme automation and processes simplification.

Seeing the revolutionizing and life-changing vision of Bizmotica in the world of automation, we are thrilled to become Living Tomorrow's partner.
When this will give us the unique opportunity to collaborate with other future-oriented companies, also partnering with Living Tomorrow, it will also enable us to keep on improving our solution, expand its fields of applications while showing third parties how Bezonia can help them improving their own solution offering.

23/11/2015 10:37

This is what I've been looking for since years!

Last week was definitely a busy one for Bizmotica as for the first time ever, our company indeed presented its Bezonia automation solution on a professional fair. Results were way above expectations.

"Impressive", "Wow", "How do you do this?", "This is what I've been looking for since years!", "Where have you been all this time?" are statements we've been hearing a lot these past days. 
When we couldn't think about more positive comments coming from professionals, it for sure proves the original chosen path is the correct one. Our duty is now to keep on improving our solution and make it even more efficient than it already is.
Our busy agenda is now getting even busier as a lot of contacts want to dig deeper in the extended possibilities offered by Bezonia and integrate its unique features in their daily practice.

Thank you to the entire Bizmotica Belgium team for having worked so hard for this event, to Wtec for having built such an amazing stand full of capabilities, to Yannick for her artistic help and to Karine for the logistic help during the show. Thanks also to Bose Pro and Audio+ for the help with the material during this week. Last but not least, thank you to our visitors for having made this busy week an unforgettable success.

15/10/2015 11:36

Bizmotica to showcase Bezonia Horeca during Horeca Expo, come and visit us at stand #3330

Bizmotica will present its Bezonia Horeca solution during Horeca Expo on November 15-19 in Flanders Expo, Ghent

On November 15-19, Bizmotica will attend Horeca Expo, a trade fair for foodservice outlets and institutional caterers.

During this show, Bizmotica will present its Bezonia Horeca solution, an integrated platform for restaurants, bars and hotels that can regroup, within a unique user interface, all the commands related to music, lights, electricity and heating.

A small restaurant will be built for the event by our partner Wtec, enabling visitors to discover how Bezonia is easy-to-use and can transform their life by centralizing all components on a single monitor while enabling them to create specific atmospheres that can be activated by a single button. 

Bezonia is already the bandmaster of several bars, restaurants and hotels. Wanna know why? Please come and visit us at stand #3330 at Horeca Expo.

For further details, please visit Horeca Expo - Bizmotica   

18/09/2015 16:04

Bezonia to pilot "La Pharmacie Anglaise", a new cocktails bar in Brussels

Francesco Ravo chooses Bezonia to pilot his new cocktails bar "La Pharmacie Anglaise" at Le Mont des Arts in Brussels

When Francesco Ravo decided to open a new cocktails bar "La Pharmacie Anglaise" at Le Mont des Arts in Brussels, it was a no brainer for him to choose Michaël Van De Poel - WTec, a Bizmotica's partner - to take care of everything related to electricity, audio, IT network and video surveillance. Sharing the same passion for extreme, unique and off-beat realizations, it is not the first time that Francesco and Michaël are partnering on such crazy projects.   

Looking for a complete and efficient automation solution for his new trendy bar, Francesco immediately sticked to the Bezonia concept that enables him to instantly visualize the status of each audio and light automation service of his cocktails bar and modify it at the touch of a fingertip.  

« I was looking for a central solution that could easily manage the 7 music and light zones of La Pharmacie Anglaise, says Francesco Ravo. Based on my specific requirements, Michaël recommended me to install a Bezonia server equipped with a touchscreen at the bar. Thanks to Bezonia, we can define a specific musical atmosphere in each zone and independently manage the music level for each zone. Regarding light moods in those different zones, just as with music, we can easily visualize those from the bar and instantly adapt those to our needs. Seeing the number of rooms we manage, it is a pleasure to control all of those from a single monitor and this, without having to leave the bar. Cherry on the cake, Bezonia is easy as 1-2-3 and my employees can use it without any training."

La Pharmacie Anglaise, Coudenberg 66, 1000 Brussels

 La Pharmacie Anglaise


03/09/2015 12:31

Bezonia at la Fête des Solidarités in Namur

CustoMade, one of Bizmotica's partners, creatively used Bezonia to build an innovative solution for 'La Fête des Solidarités' in Namur

Bizmotica innovative products were once again smartly used by our partner Customade during La Fête des Solidarités in Namur on August 29-30.
An original, interactive and connected solution was provided to capture the thoughts of visitors on specific subjects. Interviews were broadcasted using two Bezonia Videomatons and instantly re-transmitted on two Bezonia Kiosks, real-time synced with the videomatons, enabling visitors to review interviews during the entire week-end.
One of those Bezonia Videomatons was installed in an Ecopostale cargo cycle, ensuring the entire public could be reached.

Another exciting Bezonia project realized by our Partner Customade !  

01/07/2015 10:00

Bezonia's 1st Demo Day was a great success!

Our first demo day was a great success!


Several professionals from various horizons have attended our first demo day on June 26, 2015.

The goal was to demonstrate them, through real life installations, how efficient and complete our solutions can be in various environments, pushing automation beyond their current limits.

Other demo days are scheduled before the end of the year, do not hesitate to reach out to us should you want to attend one of those info@bizmotica.com   


07/10/2014 11:45

Walibi uses Bezonia to animate a horror house

Bezonia chosen to pilot one of Walibi's Horror houses during Halloween

Based on very specific needs, Walibi did choose Bezonia to manage one of its horror houses during the Halloween week. 

Music, lights, moving ceilings and other monsters growls are entirely piloted by Bezonia based on defined scenario's but also numerous sensors located in the house.

Ladies and gentlemen, be ready to scream !